Welcome to a novel place. My name is Paulla Hunter. I am a curious person who loves to write books that challenge my mind.


I live in the Just–Wild–Enough-For-Me-West.  My contemporary mysteries are set in Cheyenne, Wyoming where murder is uncommon– no more cowboy shootouts in the street except for the tourists. To be clear, we don't shoot tourists, but we try to keep Western Legend alive.

I also write Historical Time Travel Mysteries. Think Outlander meets The Tudors. Learn a little history solve a little mystery. Sorry I couldn't resist.

I love to travel, which works well because it gives me ideas for stories and keeps my husband happy.


I love to learn new things, like what Is a Bulldogger, or how you can tell how old bones are, or what is it like to live in the 16th century?

You'd think those kinds of questions would keep me awake nights, but actually it just makes me want to research, question, and write.