Darcy Moreland Series

Rough Ride

Darcy Moreland, a young television reporter, is often in the wrong place at the wrong time. This affliction intensifies when she returns to her hometown to cover the local Cheyenne Days celebration.Darcy grew up with the rodeo. She is an experienced journalist, but nothing could prepare her for a teenaged girl catapulting from a Ferris wheel and the events this tragedy engenders: a kidnapping, a bulldogger killed, castrated and dumped into the bull pens, and a scripture quoting veterinarian hanging himself. Gives a whole new meaning to a rough ride.

If Walls Could Talk

Darcy Moreland, hot-shot reporter for KCHY TV, becomes entangled in an investigation of two sets of bones extricated from an old home. The bodies were buried 60 years apart. The first set of bones dates back to the 1940's, whereas the more recent set was buried around 2000. Darcy goes on a quest to identify the circumstances of their deaths. One of the mysteries leads to an old lady who mourns her lost love. As Darcy digs deeper, she becomes trapped by a lethal fundamentalist Christian cult suspected of murdering a lead witness. An Old Testament verdict puts her own life in danger. 

Luck Be A Lady

Darcy Moreland, gets a tip about a small crowd forming in front of an empty furniture store in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The point of interest is a severed buffalo head partially blocking the entrance. Her investigation discovers that an Eastern mob-connected consortium is attempting to turn the store into a Gambling Casino. Several years ago during some repairs the bodies of an old woman and a baby identified as Native American went unclaimed and were reinterred in the local cemetery. A Native American group is protesting that the store is on sacred ground and demands it be returned to them. The mob, never a good loser, doesn’t mind playing dirty to make sure “the house always wins”.

Meg Howard Series

Beyond Time

Margaret Howard, distantly descended from the Howard family that produced both Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard (not to mention Mary Boleyn and her children Harry and Catherine and the Duke of Norfolk) rips into the 16th century, clad in cargo shorts, armed only with a messenger bag, and a degree in English Literature and History. She gets embroiled in solving an attempted assassination of Queen Anne plus two subsequent murders. She must avoid charges of witchcraft or insanity and discover a way to return home. While she strives to flee to her own time, she eludes a persistent courtier who could be an ally or an enemy, and circumvents Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, who is obsessed with manipulating his vast family for his own political gain. Meg utilizes her instinct, knowledge, and a little Howard magic to survive. She will do whatever she must to penetrate the shimmering border which separates her from home.

Time And Again - Coming Soon!  

Because Once Is Never Enough!